Saturday, September 25, 2010

How to wash and detail your car - Part 1/2

We found a great 2 part video we wanted to share with you guys about how to wash and detail your car. But everyone already knows how to wash and detail their car right? I mean, how hard can it be? Well, this video points out some common mistakes that could actually cause some major damage to your car! They also utilize lots of great products in this video. Some products you probably already know and love, but their are a few you may be unfamiliar with and are worth checking out.

We definitely recommend hand washing your vehicle once you have any vinyl decals or stickers applied to it. Hand washing will preserve the life of your decal and keep it looking newer longer. Drive through car washes are to rough on decals and while it may not seem to be effected the first few times you go through, it will definitely degrade after multiple trips through the drive through car wash.

Preserve your the life of your decal and your vehicle by applying some of these great tips...oh, and be sure to watch all the way to the end...he's got a really cute bulldog that makes a guest appearance! You know how we love our bullies!

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