Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Eight Fuel Economy Myths Debunked #4 - Fuel Additives

Myth #4 "Gas Additives Boost Fuel Economy."

Conclusion: MYTH!

The researchers actually tested dropping pills in thier gas tank in the hopes of increasing fuel economy by adding more oxygen to the fuel. After diligently adding the pills to each tank during a two-thousand-mile road trip, they recorded a one-mile per gallon decrease in average efficiency. Okay, you say, that was their limited experience.

Evidently, the Federal Trade Commission and Environmental Protection Agency agree with their assessment: they have tested many of the additives and other purported fuel-saving products on the market and warn against investing in them. In fact, some "gas-saving" products may damage a car's engine or cause substantial increases in exhaust emissions.

Conclusion...don't waste your money...they can do more harm than good!

Erik Mack

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