Sunday, September 19, 2010

Eight Fuel Economy Myths Debunked - Myth #8 Efficiency Decreases With Age

Myth #8 - "Fuel Efficiency Decreases as a Car Ages."

Conclusion - MYTH!

We chalk this one up to a problem of perception, because the EPA has determined that after an initial break-in period, MPG can actually increase over the first several years of ownership if a car is properly maintained. When these increases finally subside, some owners may perceive a decrease, but in reality, you may simply be achieving the EPA estimates for your vehicle when it was new. A well-maintained car can often hit the same MPG figures for decades.

Erick Mack

So there you have it! 8 Fuel Economy Myths Debunked. We hope you've enjoyed this series of tips and have been able to put some of them to use. Be sure to check out our next series "Top 10 Cars That Were Hollywood Stars."

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