Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Weird Car Wednesday - Cars You Don't Want To Be In A Fender Bender With.

What do all of these cars have in common? All of them are covered in glass! Some are glass tiles, some are glass beads, and this last one is covered in over 1700lbs of shattered glass! Definitely not a car you want to rear-end! YIKES!

Original Car Decals


  1. I've seen cars like these, it is the craziest thing! That must be some mega glue!

    following you from MBC:)

  2. True, Deana! LOL! Have you heard of BMW Art Cars? I’ve seen those in a car exhibit. And it’s really stunning how the artists turn the autos into art canvases without really depreciating the cars’ aesthetics. There can be so many things to do to make these cars stand out instead of rolling it into “circus” stuff. Well, maybe the owners just like unique things. :D